June 2012


In an email I sent my friends about dealing with breast cancer, I said that it seems to me it would helpful to think good and healing thoughts–but how can you do that about chemo?  We all think of chemo as

The Bad Thing, The Enemy, “it does all but kill you.”  

I had just seen the Avengers movie with all the superheroes, so here’s what I’ve decided to do:  I’m thinking of the chemo as

The Incredible Hulk


Dr. Bannerman (the man) is really a nice guy, and the Hulk is a great fighter.  If you need some help in fighting of enemies, he is someone you want to have on your side.  It’s just that he goes a little overboard and kills off some of the good guys in the process, poor thing.

But you know, they always win at the end.

My younger son is a quiet person who doesn’t say much, but often expresses strong and dear thoughts in powerful ways.  He was gone over my birthday, and left a small wrapped package for me to open on The Day.  I was so moved by what was inside.


And here’s what the package says:  

Though the Hulk is only barely in control of the vast power that boils within his massive body, he is usually able to direct it against the proper target.  His rage–and his strength–know no bounds.  So beware all those who stand against the Avengers:  When you face the Hulk, you face fury incarnate.

PERFECT.  Can you imagine my son taking the time and thought to encourage me in this way?  He is a special gem.




For at least 40 years, I’ve used a headband when I wash my face.  That’s to keep my hair out of the way.  It’s a habit so long established, it’s difficult to think any other way.

It gives me a lot of laughs now, when I find myself putting a headband on.


 Life has gotten easier in some aspects!