It’s been so long since I wrote in the blog, so sorry.  I compose all these ideas in my mind, but they don’t make it here!

Younger son graduated from high school.
Older son graduated from college.
I graduated from being a homeschool mom for 17 years.
We went to Disney World to celebrate.
We had a huge party for my younger son.
We have made two trips to Indiana to visit my parents, with another one in a few days.
Older son is now engaged.
The wedding is at the end of December.
I’m driving to University of Florida with him in a few more days.
We’re helping with VBS (the skits) this week.

A few photos:

Older Son & His Fiance–in clothing, shoes, mittens, hat they made themselves (12th Century?)

At Disney World, Animal Kingdom

Mouse Ear Graduation Hats in the Store

Older Son at a Battle

Ourselves as the Tortoise & the Hare at VBS