I’ve been spending much of the summer at my parents’ home, due to their severe illnesses and surgeries.  Lately, I have been entertained by bunnies.

Each morning, I slink out to the mailbox in my skivvies to get the mail, and I never noticed the brown section of grass just a few paces away–till I saw the dead baby bunny.  So sad. 

Dead bunny to the left.


I went to see why he had died, and came so close to not noticing a whole nest of bunnies living in a gash of ground right there in the yard.  Do you see them?  There were at least five.


Notice the white fur on the top of his sweet head.


The next day, they were all gone but one (the dead bunny was gone too).  So so sad.  I went out to run errands, and the neighbor mowed the grass while I was away.  He said, “Hey, did you know there’s a nest of bunnies out there?  I killed one with the mower last week.” 

“Yeah, well, you killed the last one today,” I replied.  He did.  Duh.  So so so sad (and maddening too). 

Today I decided that if I were ever going to make a dent in tidying up the overgrown bushes and flowerbeds, I would have to rise at dawn to do some work outside–it has been THAT hot each and every day.  I rose at dawn, put on old clothing, and relished the dewy grass on my bare feet while beginning to trim the bushes at the front of house.

(Look at the bottom of the bush, at the brown grass there)


Suddenly, my toes rested against something so very very soft…it was a bunny!  The same size as what I had seen the other day, so maybe he was from the same batch.  He did not move, even when I had accidentally nudged him with my foot.  He sat quiet and unmoving the entire time I trimmed the bush. 


I decided to move on down the line and pull grasses and weeds from the flowerbed. 


What did I find?  Another bunny!  Unmoving and unblinking, even when I got the camera from the house to take his photo.


A-i-i-e-e, I’m a softie.  I had to quit working–who knows how many other bunnies are out there, using the safety of the weeds for protection?  It’s kinda like Easter egg hunting in reverse.