July 2006

We bought a new washing machine!  It’s a Maytag, which should last us for thirty years.


Since I’m 49 years old, and thinking that I may be 79 before we purchase another one, I tossed out the possibility of spending more money to get a side-loading machine.  “Naw!” says my husband.


Because I’m short, I have always used a step-stool to reach into the bottom of the washer while retrieving the clothes.  I can just see myself as an old lady, tipping over headfirst into the washer and not being able to get myself out—like the child who dies trapped from the toy chest lid!


You can drown in just a few inches of water, you know!  Headline:  Old Woman Dies in Washer!!!



Actually, along those lines, I’ve always worried that I’ll get trapped someday while putting a dress on over my head, too!



My mom says that eating watermelon turns you into a napper.


At nighttime, you take a nap, then get up to go to the bathroom.


Take a nap, then go to the bathroom.


Take a nap, then go….