I am thinking a Christian would have mixed emotions about dying.  I’ve always thought that it would be going Home at last.  Great feelings of safety and warmth and being where I should have been all along.  But it is also going to be with the Most Holy God, the Creator of the World who cannot tolerate sin.  Frightening!  Only by an incredible forgiveness could we dare go into His presence.  Yet that grace has been done me, and I will be welcomed into the arms of Jesus.


One of our shoestring relatives said that my father-in-law has “passed this earthly veil of flesh and gone to his reward.”  Reward?  Is that what it is all about?  Stumping up to the pearly gates and shouting, “Hey guys, here I am, come to get my RE-ward!” 


When we see God for real, with clear eyes, how silly we will see we have been, thinking of ourselves.


And yet…we will be safe in the arms of Jesus.