May 2010


Grove City College, Class of 2010:

Trumpets begin the ceremony

My Older Son

I amused myself with the graduates’ shoes


My Older Son and his dad



A couple of weeks ago, I reached the breaking point, just thinking about the breaking point coming up.  I’m still busy, but with the hope of my mind slowing down.   Meanwhile, here are some thoughts from here and there:

Have you ever gotten home from an event and realized your cell phone was still on–but fortunately it didn’t ring?   Whew, got through that one!

I filled out a Walmart store survey that I was given.  I surely will win $1000.  Does Walmart sell ships?–Because then I could buy a ship, because my Younger Son was talking today about how “when my ship comes in” I can….

After riding for 10 hours in the car to Gardner, MA, (for a Regionals Speech & Debate tournament) when I sat down in the auditorium seat, I reached for a seat belt!

Here are some of us parent judges


While at the Tournament, I found a “face in hole” board to add to my collection.  This is Spiderman.

Does anyone ever feel like your email must not be working, because no one replies?

This week we were driving on the highway when a tree branch bent over the road with a squirrel scrabbling for purchase at the end of it.  He lost his grip and fell…BAM! right onto the road in front of our car.   But he got up and ran away before we drove onto him!

Homeschool portfolio and evaluations–done.  with.  that! 

17 years of homeschooling are over.  Both sons are graduating:  one from high school and one from college.  (Rough on ME, more on that later) 

Disney World, here we come!  I’m thinking of this logo to put on t-shirts for us.

In 2 weeks, I’ll have to find a different excuse for a messy house; my Younger Son says my “free pass on account of homeschooling” is running out.

From my window, I recently saw a hawk swallow down a snake.  Envision trying to swallow a looong rope without using your hands…wonder if it’s wiggling inside there?!

“The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.” ~Thomas Moore

I’m dancing as fast as I can.