October 2010


I have been a Green Smoothie Girl for a year now.

Every day I eat all of these:

In the form of this:

I do not care for vegetables;


I LOVE green smoothies.

It has made a big difference in my health, and is very easy to do.  To learn how to do this for yourself, watch the original Green Smoothie Girl (Robyn Openshaw) as she explains it in a five-minute video.  That’s how I got started!



Weddings aren’t like “the old days”!  Here is what the bride is going to wear on her special day:

I think they are wonderful!


If you’re looking for a craft to get you in the mood for Christmas gift-giving, I would highly recommend making a man’s tie.  It doesn’t require a sewing machine and it can fill a specific need that can’t be found anywhere else.  It will result in lots of compliments to the person who wears it (and to you, by default).

Here is one of ours that gets many favorable comments.

My husband has two of them for falltime.


People also remark upon his Christmas tie every year.

He always wanted one with cows:

And here is a tasteful one for St. Patrick’s Day:

Buy yourself a pattern from the store (or find one online), and for easiest future use, trace it onto non-fusible interfacing–then you can use it again and again without it coming apart.

It takes a yard of fabric.  It does take time and careful hand-sewing, but it’s worth every minute.