March 2010


Yes, it is so true. 

Younger son:

Older son:



My friend Old Hat (an amazing, interesting, AND busy guy) inspired the following:

So Far This Week I Have…

Visited a pottery studio.

Learned a new thing about Egyptians.

Had a young child steal from me.

Shoveled a walking path through the snow.

Wore short pants and short sleeves.

Saw my Older Son get rejected by a graduate school program.

Advertised one contradance while planning another.

Watched a thoughtful Ibsen play called Enemy of the People.

Called an English Country Dance ball.

Ordered a gluten free meal for next week’s luncheon at the Governor’s Mansion.

Drank 30 green smoothies.

Bought 72 chocolate bars and 1 bag each of Hershey kisses, peppermint patties, lifesavers, and M & M’s.

Spent 30 minutes in the produce section of the grocery, talking life issues with my son.

Organized a homeschool project fair for 65 students and their families.

Made a birthday cake.

Saw my Older Son get accepted (with full funding) by a graduate school program.

Wrote a lesson for my speech class.

Put The Cat in the Hat up for sale (Latin version).

Made a fool of myself in front of 100+ people by leading them in a rousing rendition of “Mr. So.”  (you gotta do this; see a similar version here).

Xeroxed 362 copies.

Made a BINGO game.

I did NOT…

Do laundry.