April 2010


I was happy when I got my first “very own” desk till I realized that I would have to close the fold-out desktop leaf every time I wanted to get into the top drawer. 
Whoever would do that, when there is so much STUFF on it?!  Such as…
A dish of shells from Gulf Shores, Alabama, with a couple of tops from my fingertop collection.  The shells are reminders of so many lovely things, and you always have to keep a top or two handy to set for a spin.


My wooden snake:  this comes in handy at speech tournaments–especially those overnight ones.

My pin-point impression toy.


Here is my face.  It kinda looks like Uncle Hugh.


So the top drawer consists of interesting items I don’t require too often–or that I don’t know what to do with:

My stuffed bear.
A shirt patch from one of my very favorite vacation spots.
A pretty tin that is sure to come in handy some day.  I was disappointed to find it empty when I shook it.  Perhaps I should put something exciting inside for when I visit this drawer again in three or four years.


Rocket balloons that make noises when you let the air out.


Some great, interesting paper eyeglasses.  These would come in handy for speech tournaments too.  Here am I.


Here is my Younger Son.


A magnetic bookmark that looks like money.

Helicopter balloons.

A teeny tiny book made by Older Son, given to me years ago.  It is about his favorite subject.




And a windup bug.  OH WAIT!  I just bought him yesterday, at the grocery store!  One of those impulse buys, don’t ya’ know.  Here he is in action:



Today I bought an item on clearance that had a very strange tag (it is to me, anyway).


Self-portrait with Item