I have recently been published in a book!  It’s called Coaching a Club:  Seven Secrets to Forming a Successful Speech & Debate Club.  The author compiled thoughts and ideas of 11 people across this country who are deeply involved in homeschool forensics; it’s extremely helpful for people who are interested in that topic.

She asked us each to supply a short bio of ourselves, along with a photo.  A photo??!  Because I’m the chief photographer of the house, and because I’ve neither run for office OR had a glamour shot done, there really isn’t a lovely photo of myself just lying around.

But I found one in my computer. 

It’s well enough to hold its own with the other contributors.  But what people DON’T know (although you yourself might recall from a former post) is the context of this photo:  I was having a high-old-time drilling holes into a plastic trash can!

THAT’S my own secret.