Today’s topic as part of Shining Garnet’s Positivity Week is

Your Favorite Positive Quote

and it has caused me to think about how some quotations could be negative to some, while being positive to others.  Here are some examples, along with the positive-speaking quoter:

“The zebra is hurt.”
A hungry lion

“The visitors kept us from our bedtime.”

A young child

“Anything worth doing is worth doing for the money.”
A Ferengi
(a member of Star Trek’s alien race, whose culture is based on profit & trade)

“The heater is broken.”
A penguin

  “The groom has changed his mind.”
A young lady who is NOT his bride-to-be

“It’s raining.”
Someone who lives in the desert


There are also a few happy quotations that could be taken negatively, as in this instance:

“It’s a boy!”
Teen-age girls in the ladies’ room


or the kind where one person meant it for ill (Rudolph’s father) and the other

didn’t (Santa):

“His beak’s a blinkin’ beacon!”

Now, for my own favorite positive quotation:  I will tell you, there are so many lovely ones out there that I would not be able to choose just one, and my personality being such that my husband chuckles at me and my 100 favorite [colors, pieces of music, movies, books], I will just give you TWO of many, choosing a theme.

At first, I thought the theme should be Ferengi, but it might be too negative for some readers:

1.           One can never have too much. Expand or Die!
Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #45:         

2.         Never allow family to stand in the way of opportunity.
             Ferengi Rule of Acquisition # 6:
So today, since a lot of my friends are murmuring “Doctor Who” in excited voices,
the theme will be about him:

1.          “Are you in charge here?”
             “No, but I’m full of ideas!”
             ~ Doctor Who in Horror of Fang Rock

2.          “They can shoot me dead, but the moral high ground is mine.”
             ~ Doctor Who in Army of Ghosts