When I was a young mother, I read that we should keep a small diary of one good/interesting thing that happens each day.  It helps to change the attitude of a sometimes hum-drum life, and it helps us to keep a look-out for good things all day long.

I kept a diary like that for quite some time, and now I enjoy reading excerpts from it:

Found a $5 bill in the snow!
Saw a dead muskrat in the parking lot of Walmart.
27 quarts of blueberries.

Because Shining Garnet is having a Blog Challenge this week, asking us to write each day about a certain Positive Thing, with today’s topic being

Write A Positive Poem, Story, Take A Pic, or Draw A Picture          

I woke up eager to see what positive visuals I might find.  It didn’t take long for me to see two very lovely and positive things in my house:

1.   The kitchen chairs poised as if they’re standing in line for something exciting to happen…

2.    ….and it did indeed; we now have a very beautifully waxed kitchen floor.