I have a young friend with a cute little toy animal named Alistair.  She takes photos of his journeys, highlighting the seasonal changes of the year, and she has just sent me a calendar with Alistair on each month.  It’s delightful!

I have another friend, TobyBo, who takes pictures of her monkey Melrose in his escapades.

This makes me interested in trying my hand at it too, but:  what animal would I use??

My Younger Son immediately said that I should take pictures of Sharpie.

“WHO is Sharpie?”  I quizzically asked.
“YOU know.  SHARPIE,” he said as to one who is deaf.

Here is a photo of Sharpie. 

My son has a very strange sense of humor.

So we began to look around the house for someone photo-worthy, and the first thing we found was the cat’s toy. 

He is prime in many ways:  he has limbs, is very cute, and his color is good for photography.  But he is rather attached to his job description.

Next, we found a gorilla.  He’s not bad, but his dark color may pose quality problems in some lighting situations.

Our lion has some good qualities, but his expression is rather dull.  Thinking of something Narnian, I gather.

The Halloween bear is the only toy that is “mine.”  I like him very much, but he IS rather seasonal.  Definitely seasonal.

What do you think?  (Yes, I know, I have BETTER things to do)

At any rate, I put the little mouse on a postcard and sent him to my friend and her Alistair as a “Thank You” for their calendar.  Maybe that is as far as I will go.

From Pierre Mouse:
Greetings I send to you, my little Alistair friend.  I love to see photohs of yew, and here I give you a glimpse of mine own self.  You can see by my phoho that I am employed in the entertainment industry–theatrical performances a la gato, to be exact.  Best wishes to yew.