I almost forgot to tell you about a great Christmas gift idea I had for last year!  Because I didn’t want to spoil any surprises, I couldn’t tell you then; now it’s time:  Cafe Press.

No, they’re not paying me to advertise (that would be delightful!), but I think it’s a great place to shop.  They specialize in items that are personalized with whatever photo/picture/logo you design.

I made two logos for my dad’s farm (one vertical and one horizontal) using PrintShop.  Then I uploaded them to Cafe Press, and the computer created my own Putman Farms store, automatically putting the logo on a whole bunch of stuff such as hats, t-shirts, dog dishes, mugs, clocks, stationery, tote bags, etc.  Even (ahem!) underwear.

I did have to go in and adjust some of them, as perhaps they weren’t centered where I wanted them to be, or the right size.  And since I had two logos, I had to decide which logo I wanted.  I made a special logo for a clock and for a license plate holder.

I waited for a Store Owner sale, and bought all sorts of things for my whole family at 20% off.

Other family members can go there any time and purchase things on their own.  Way cool!

I’ve made a store for our speech & debate club as well.

I hope YOU have an enjoyable time trying to delight your family this year!