Is there a regular household chore that just irritates you very much–basically for no reason at all?  It’s the hair in the bathroom sink that does me in.  Not because the hair itself annoys me, but because of something I was told many years ago about how easy it is to clean a bathroom and how simple it is to remove the hair as part of that process.

You are to take a tissue, dampen it, and “just whisk it out.”

So every day, I take a tissue, dampen it, and chase and chase and chase and chase those hairs, all the while muttering to myself “JUST WHISK IT OUT, JUST WHISK IT OUT, JUST WHISK IT OUT:  RIGHT!!!”

Recently myself and I had a serious talk about this task that so totally annoys me every day.  A funny thing happened.  There was a sci-fi tweak that plinked in my brain, some sort of dimensional twist, just a slight shift of perspective.  Why not just take my time chasing those hairs and see this as an opportunity to daydream, relax, and stand there all day if I have to?  What a grand chance to goof off for a while!

Son:  Where did Mom go?
Other son:  Oh, she’s just whisking hairs.

I wish this for you too, my friends–let those thoughts shift, just a little.