People have all sorts of thoughts going through their heads that I’m sure we know nothing about.  We simply don’t.

Yesterday I had leftover grilled onions on my plate as part of the Leftovers Sunday Smorgasbord.  These had been marinated in tumeric/lemon juice/soy & tabasco sauce, grilled, and served with Tunisian Chicken and Rice, which is soooo good.  It SMELLS absolutely delicious too.

I was joining in the conversation, enjoying fellowship, & interacting with others, but at the same time I was thinking:  “You know, I think that if you cut an earthworm with a fork, it might feel exactly like this onion feels as I’m cutting it right now.”

I started contemplating writing a blog article about it.

I convinced myself even more.

I almost made myself sick.

I had to stop eating the onions.

If there are any leftovers LEFT, they’re getting tossed out TODAY.