After seeing my lovely face in a beach-walking hat,


my going-to-garage-sales hat,

and an almost-won White Elephant hat,

the kind lady over at TobyBo asked if I have a hat collection, hoping that I would write a post about it.  Alas, unlike Dr. Seuss who had a hat collection covering an entire wall, I do not collect hats.  You’ve pretty much seen them all.

My Older Son LOVED hats when he was little. 

And when I was younger, I could sometimes get away with broader-brimmed hats.  This Easter outfit was accentuated by a bridesmaid hat from my friend’s wedding.


I often wore a Mickey Mouse hat in my college years.  Here my friend and I had promised each other to study instead of chat.

This one is from the time I visited friends in Texas.  Down there, even JC Penney had a very large selection of cowboy hats to choose from.

The most important hats in my life today are the ones I wear to English Country Dance balls.  To be truly authentic, we should seriously consider wearing a turban*, which makes a lot of us moderns shudder.

I guess the movie folks think the same, because you don’t see many turbans in the Jane Austen movies.  So I made myself a toned-down bandeaux similar to what Mrs. Bennett wears in the BBC production of Pride & Prejudice.

I now have two of these.  We moderns don’t have hat boxes either, which makes them rather difficult to store.  I keep them in a box together, and when I came home from a recent ball, I was rather surprised to see the condition of the hat that had stayed home.

“Gosh, the feather looks like a cat ate it or something!”  I said.

As the British might say, “SPOT-ON!”


*Turban photo is from Doris Langley Moore’s The Gallery of Fashion 1790-1822 from Plates by Heideloff and Ackermann found on Catherine H. Decker’s website.