It doesn’t take much to entertain folks at this house.  After my Older Son had a vehicular brush with a skunk, my Younger Son and I decided to do something we’ve never done before:  take the car to an automatic car wash.  It wasn’t even anyone’s birthday! 

(I once took my little son to a Do-It-Yourself car wash on his birthday and let him wash the car.  They don’t call those tools “power wands” for nothing)

We quickly learned that it is assumed the average American should know how to use a car wash like this.  After watching the car ahead of us, we had to back up and get in a different line.  Then we had to choose which cleaning package we wanted, and pay lots of money, and read the instructions.

What an absolute hoot!  I clutched my son’s hand in nervousness as those beaters came toward us, and we laughed and laughed out loud!  Absolutely as fun as a rollercoaster or an electric drill!

But of course, the car still smells.