This week I added to my Life List by two.  No, I haven’t replaced sugar with eating broccoli in order to add years to my life–but I did see two birds I had never seen before!  A Louisiana Waterthrush and a Swainson’s Thrush can now be added to my list of Birds I Have Seen During My Lifetime.

We spent a day with a kind and very knowledgeable naturalist who teaches us the names and “goings-on” of the plants, animals, butterflies, and birds of our area.  I very much appreciate knowing the names of things in my world.

Looking for salamanders, newts, crayfish, and whatever else might live under a rock.

Blue-Eyed Mary has distinctive petals; the presence of this plant indicates high quality woodlands.  Another name for it is Innocence.

These Spotted Salamander eggs look like a throbbing, glowing alien presence.

The fields of Virginia Bluebells showed astonishing color.

Bluebells are also called “Lungwort” because it was believed to have medicinal properties for the treatment of respiratory difficulties.

The Large-flowered Trillium is blooming right now.  We can’t pick these flowers, as it can damage the plant, which takes a very long time to mature.  Trillium doesn’t smell nice; its pollinators are flies, beetles, and ants.