I often wish I could draw some of the funny pictures I get into my head; today I was thinking about how sometimes it seems the world is filled with the coiled burners you find on electric stoves.  And no matter what you do—even if it’s in kindness, or politeness, or goodwill—you get burned, left and right.  Ouch!  Ouch!  Ooomph!

Can you see a person walking around with lots of little burn marks all over them?

I’ve heard the saying, “She’s prickly all over.”  Wouldn’t THAT make a grand picture?  Maybe I should replace my hurtfulness of the hot burners with the more gentle bites of the prickles, and not take it so much to heart.

Come to think of it, maybe I’M the one with the prickles.  If I myself weren’t so prickly, maybe I wouldn’t feel hurt so many times.

To protect myself from hot burners and/or prickles, I suppose I could wear armor or develop a hard shell.  In some ways, that’s the same as wearing prickles.  What a funny picture comes to mind THERE!

I think I had better go read Old Hat’s encouraging reminder again:  to NOT throw up my defenses, to keep a soft heart, and to remember that God always looks upon US with gentleness.