Have you ever seen the opening sequence of the sci-fi Doctor Who episode called The Runaway Bride?  It’s very fun.  A woman dressed in complete bridal costume quite suddenly appears on the Doctor’s spaceship.

He looks at her, and she looks at him and he looks at her and she looks at him.  The conversation goes like this:

“What??!!”  he says.

“Ooo?!!”  she says.


“Who are you?”


“Where am I?”


“What the __ is this place?”


I was thinking of this today when we were remembering the moment my mother-in-law died.  The pastor spoke about meeting Jesus and how He will be no stranger and I remembered Doctor Who, imagining what could happen when we cross over the threshold and see Jesus in person with our very own eyes.







Said in love and sureness and wonderment and excitement and thrill and triumph and joy.