Old Hat is building a House of Cards (namely, postcards), which brought to mind a few years ago when the boys and I had a fun time spoofing a friend of ours with postcards of his car having adventures.

Our college friend asked if we could keep his car for the summer, because it was too old to make the trip to his home in Colorado.  So we took a photo of the car, used Photoshop to “cut” it out, and then pasted it onto scenes of various exotic sites around this country and the world.

Here is the car visiting Mt. Rushmore

Every whipstitch we would mail one out, with a little tale written on the back from the car itself.  What a blast we had!

He went to a big reunion in Sweden,

He went on a hot-air balloon ride in Arizona;

And he even visited Niagara Falls–getting to do something a lot of us miss out on!