One thing people might not know about me is that I enjoy postal stamps-but perhaps not in the same way as collectors do.  I just am particular about which ones I buy, and I very much enjoy choosing which ones to put on which envelope I am mailing.

Modern days have made this both difficult and enjoyable.  Because of email, I don’t send near as many letters as I used to, and that’s sad.  BUT if I go to the local postal office and they don’t have any interesting stamps to purchase, I can go online and buy them with only $1 shipping fee.  Not that their website is the easiest thing to figure out….still, it’s worth it.

There is only one stamp I have ever kept, because I couldn’t bear to part with it:  the Star Trek ship Enterprise.  It’s laying around in the drawer somewhere, and it’s nice to see it when I come across it.

Here are the ones I’ve been buying lately:

So, if you ever get a letter from me, be sure to look at the stamp.  Because I’ve chosen it especially for you!