I ate 3 meals in the car on Sunday.  Three separate meals.  In the car.

Whenever I go someplace in the morning, I usually fly out the door and eat my apple in the car as I go along.  So that doesn’t really count.

Grove City College’s Outing Club has a hog roast once a year, and faculty are invited to eat.  It’s at a cabin, far out in the woods.  We eat and then hike, usually to a perfect overlook with a river and tiny town down below.  Unsure about whether or not it would be gluten-free eating, we rushed home from church, changed clothes, hopped in the car, and some of us munched food on the way there.

Good company, almost perfect weather, and a hike in the afternoon-a slow one, since I was walking with 1) a professor’s wife carrying a newborn in a frontpack; 2) a professor carrying a toddler in a backpack; 3) a professor carrying the next child on his back; and 4) a professor’s pregnant wife!

Got home at 7 PM, swiftly changed clothes, and ate supper in the car on the way to the funeral home, to grieve with distant relatives whose father who went to be home with our Lord.

That is a whirlwind Sunday.