At 5 PM Friday, after 5 days without electricity, 8 weary men (some from 6 hours away) spent an afternoon at our house putting the electric lines back up.  I really really wish I had had something to give them; even candy bars would have been nice!  (Note to self:  for next time)

Now it’s back to work, sigh:  laundry.  Vacuuming.  Cleaning.  Shopping for food.  Fetching back our Freezer Food From Friends (the 5 F’s).

Something I have to unlearn: 
Not to reach for the flashlight in my pocket when I want to go to the basement.

Something I should consider more: 
Not to have so many lights on all at the same time.
Keep better track of what exactly is IN that freezer.
Go to bed earlier.

Something quite exciting:
I have a completely totally clean refrigerator and freezer.  Yee-haw!