Today it was time to do
something about the messes of bags (mostly plastic) that have accumulated in
the hallway closet—you know, the kind of situation where it all comes falling
out when the door is opened?  Because
when it was closed the last time, I
stuffed everything in just enough to get the door closed and hoped for the best!

I like plastic bags just as
much I like and collect cloth ones, and there are some I just want to hang on
to forever.  I keep them because they
will be “useful” at a certain future day.

For example, isn’t this
large bag with handles so handy and convenient?

This was a souvenir someone
brought back for us from
England; certainly Sainsbury’s is my favorite grocery chain


And who wouldn’t look classy
at a homeschool convention carrying one of these around?  Although I have to admit, I’m not sure where
else I would carry it….  It surely was an
expensive bag, with the gold and all, so I shouldn’t throw it away—it would be
too wasteful.

This one is not my favorite,
but it’s the right size, the right price, and the right kind of helpful
plastic.  It is a very handy bag!  Because of its appearance, I don’t find
myself using it very often.  But I need
to keep it just in case.  

These always show you have
good taste and a lot of money (or you HAD a lot of money till you acquired the


But my favorites are the
ones that bring back wonderful memories. 
And they’re handy for showing off. 
I can’t use them very often because I wouldn’t want to lose them, you

And here’s the best of