There’s been a surplus of
hilarious activity in the wide world recently. 
One way of keeping up-to-date on these sorts of things is to read the
Odd News that Yahoo offers.  For
instance, there was the Japanese fellow who had a woman secretly living in his closet
for a whole year—he DID keep wondering why food disappeared from his home while
he was away at work.

She was tidy and clean,

Then there was the man who
(when his wife was away) hired a nude maid to clean the house for $100 an
hour.  Somehow, when he wasn’t looking,
she stole $40,000 of his wife’s jewelry.

And there was the lost pet
bird who was able to tell the vet what his name and address is (he had been
cautious enough not to divulge this information to the police).

Or how about the scientists
who wanted to get camera footage of a rare rhino species, in order to learn
their secrets?  The only footage they got
was that of the rhinos destroying the cameras.

The best one, though, is
about the guy who was caught crawling under a table in a university
library—spraying saltwater onto a woman’s shoes with a syringe.  Here is an honest-to-goodness police photograph
of him: