~~ He had been
to several families that morning, in hopes of procuring some addition to their
number, but it was moonlight, and everybody was full of engagements.
  ~~Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility

Isn’t moonlight absolutely
astonishing?  I turn out the lights
preparatory to going to bed and suddenly the outside becomes completely
visible.  The trees even have shadows. 
I check the bird feeders, but find no flying squirrels, raccoons, deer,
or possums.  I check the front of the
house and (fortunately) do not see any deer eating the rhododendrons.  But I can see…everything…almost as if it were

In one of Jane Austen’s
books, a family considers having a supper party for the coming evening.  Till they realize that, “Oh pooh, it’s
moonlight.”  Meaning that everyone else
will have already made plans, and will be attending other parties.  Moonlight made traveling at night much safer
and more convenient, so that was the social time of the month.

Ah, moonlight!