Hi, my name is: thechickadeefeeder

But you can call me: Eppie (which is not my real name, either!).

My school is: Laughing Brook Academy (homeschool), named after the
Laughing Brook in the Thornton Burgess stories, such as
Paddy the Beaver which I
had to read aloud a million times when my oldest was 5

I once wrote a silly
cheerleading song for our school, which is good for getting a rise out of the
guys who live here, but it wasn’t appreciated!

When I’m nervous: I am irritable.

The last song I listened
to was:
a waltz done on piano
by Ellen Gozion (a CD called
On a Lark)

My hair is: blonde/brown with bits of white-silver.

When I was 4: we moved a mile down the road to our first farm of
50 acres.

Last Christmas: my elderly mother-in-law, not understanding the
conversation was about having children, said in a very loud voice to our
nephew’s fiancé:  I’m sure you’ve both
been VERY busy.

I should be: eating my breakfast apple.

When I look down I
the booklet I wrote called
We’re Going to Compete?  All You Need to
Know About Speech Tournaments in the NCFCA
  (a homeschool speech competition

By this time next
my older son will have
been to
Tunisia and back. 

I have a hard time
math, any

There’s this girl: who wrote a book called Sick Girl, about what
it’s like to have a heart transplant. 
Her book was excerpted in
U.S. News & World Report this
week.  I am thinking of her today.

I want to buy: a vacuum cleaner just like my mom’s, which I recently
became acquainted with while helping her after knee replacement surgery.  It’s one of the “higher end” Kenmore/Sears
canisters.  It is awesome!

If you spent the
night at my house:
I would have
a lot of tidying up to do, first.

Most recent thing I’ve
bought myself:
a blouse at the
thrift store.  Of course, it needs
hemmed, because I’m so short-waisted.  My
friends call the Salvation Army thrift store here in town
Sally Ann’s.  The one in a town further south we call Hess
.  “Where did you get that
wonderful suit?”  “Oh, I bought it at
Hess Brothers.”

Most recent thing
someone else bought me:
a bag
of candy to use as prizes for speech class.

My middle name is: Elaine.  When
I was in 2
nd grade, I started signing my name with this, trying to
get the teacher to call me by my middle name. 
But it didn’t wash.

In the morning I: do a routine that I learned how to do from The
:  1) wind the cuckoo clock 
2)  look outdoors at the woods  3) drink a glass of water 4) do the
allergy routine 5)  eat apple while going through email.  ETC.

Last night I was: preparing another lesson for my beginning speech
students (high school level) in our homeschool speech club of 70 students.

If I was an animal
for a day I’d be:
either a cat
(how nice to laze around for the day!) or a bird (because I would love to fly).

A better name for me
would be:

Tomorrow I am: going to go shopping while my Younger Son volunteers
at the library, and then visit my mother-in-law at the assisted living center.

Tonight I am: hopefully going to continue sewing on costumes for
our Pemberley Promenade.

Please feel free to
copy this and insert your own answers so we can learn more about you!