25th Anniversary
I have a good friend who
often brings flowers into the church for Sunday service.  This morning I was amazed to see what she had
brought in:  the same kind of flowers my
husband and I had for our wedding—pink gladolias.  They were BEAUTIFUL.

I knew there had been a death
in her family, and I assumed these were from the funeral.

I whispered to one of my
sons and told him about the coincidence with excitement.

When my second son sat down,
I explained to him too!  Maybe she would
let us take them home, in honor of our 25th anniversary this week,
do you think?

When my husband sat down, I
pointed it out to him!  And he said…”I
bought them for you, Dear!”

Oh, my.

We had the rare occasion of
special music today in church, and…she sang the same song we had sung at our

How wonderful IS that,