Thoughts of church-goers
that sometimes escape out-loud:

Choosing as they walk down
the food tables:

            That looks great…but if it has mushrooms in it, I’ll hate

            Which one did Mom bring? 
That will be the best.

            Skip the salad!  I
want the other stuff today.

            Is that store-bought or homemade?

            This looks like something Sally would bring.

            Who brought this? 
If Pam brought it, I know it will be good.

            This looks like Karla’s pan.

            I had that at the last dinner; you should try it—it’s different
and really tasty.

At the dessert table:

            It all looks fantastic, how can I choose just a couple?

            I’ll take tiny bites of each.

            That looks good, but it might be too dry.

            Is it store-bought or homemade?

            That has to be Lois’s dessert.  I’m getting that first!

            Does that have nuts in it?

            All I want is chocolate.

            Forget the diet today!

            Oh, it’s all gone already!

While eating:

            What is that you’re eating?

            I wish I had gotten some of that.

            You should get some of this; it’s fantastic.

            I wonder what makes this taste.

            I thought it was going to taste like __, but it doesn’t.

            I don’t like this at all. 
Want some?

            Oh, this has nuts in it. 

            Oh, this has nuts in it! 

            I took too much.

            Does anyone know who made this?

            I think Torrie made this.

            I think Sandy made this.

            I think Linda made this.


            Can I have that recipe?

            Can I have that recipe?

            Can I have that recipe?

            Can I have that recipe?