This is my DH when our club put on our Qualifier a couple of weeks ago.

Speech & debate tournament season is over for me…we had a blast
travelling 11 hours to Massachusetts to Regionals! 

My friend and I (with two of our students) got up in front of 270 people and did the following skit that we had written:

2 mothers walk out. 

MOM 1:    Hi there, what have you been up to?

MOM 2:    Hi!  
Oh, I was just judging the debate team Smith and Jones.

MOM 1:    Oh, haven’t they improved since last

MOM 2:    Yes, it’s wonderful!  They’re only 14 years old and doing this well…think what they will be able to
do in 2 or  3 more years!!

MOM 1:   I remember when they first started
debating.  They were so nervous and tongue-tied.  But today they didn’t seem nervous at all.

MOM 2:    They’re so much more organized,
too.  Thoughts that flow smoothly, good roadmapping.

MOM 1:    I used to groan when I found out I
had to judge that team.  The poor things didn’t even know what a stock issue

 Leave stage conversing

2 students walk out.

STUDENT 1:    Hi, guy!  What’s up?

STUDENT 2:    Hi! 
We just finished our round.  We were
just judged by Mrs. Crouch.

STUDENT 1:     Oh, hasn’t she improved since last

STUDENT 2:    Yes, it’s wonderful.  I remember when she first started
judging.  She was so nervous and didn’t know what to write
on the ballot.  But today she didn’t seem nervous at

STUDENT 1:     She’s so much more organized now,
too.  Her thoughts flow smoothly on the page, and I
understand where she’s taking us.

STUDENT 2:     I used to groan when I found out she
was going to be our judge.  The poor  thing didn’t even know
what a stock issue was!

STUDENT 1:    She’s only about 40 now; just think what a good
judge she’ll make in another 3-4 years!!

HOWEVER:  Our dear students added another line that was unexpected to me:  “Yes, and Mrs. Welton in another 5-10!”

Now it’s back to
work on other things.