I never thought that having
a loved one in an assisted living home would give me more people to love and
care about.

Being regular visitors to my
mother-in-law has opened up all sorts of dynamics.  Faces that light up when we walk in the door  (they all sit by the outside door like birds
on a wire).  Spending time to chat with
the activities director when my mom isn’t home—because sometimes she needs
decent conversation as much as the elder ones do!  Worrying about Diana, who is a sweet but
sometimes very sad
Downs’ Syndrome girl. 
Stopping to assist in a game of Rummi-cubes when everyone has gotten
stuck.  Putting on a Valentine’s party
for them all.

I had to miss the luncheon
where family members were invited, but I felt so guilty.  My mom would have lots of family present, but
what about Pauline?  Marian? 
Neva?  Would there be anyone to sit and chat with

Interesting quotes:

“Humph!  They sit in those chairs by the door so much
you’d think they should charge them extra!”  ~~ my mother-in-law (who takes a shortcut
after meals so she doesn’t have to pass by them).

 “Heel and toe, away we go!’  ~~ Bert’s comment as we run the gauntlet of
elders to exit the building.

 “My name is spelled
M-A-R-I-AN with an A.  My mother always
told me that
Marion with an O is a boy’s name.”

 “Do you live here?”  ~~ a comment often heard from Alice.

 “She says the same thing
over and over.  I hope I’m not like
that…it’s kind of hard to tell…”  ~~