I’ve started using an online
diary to keep a calorie and nutritional record of what I eat; it is truly
helping me, MOST of the time….

I made a complicated dish
last night and ate a small portion of it, along with a bit of brown rice. 
Quite a job to calculate all the ins & outs of caloric content, carbs,
protein, etc.

At the end of the day when I
figured up the daily totals of what I had eaten, I was so shocked at how high
in calories that food was!  What a bummer.  Went to bed a little

This morning I was kind of
light-headed and weak, and I just knew I hadn’t gotten enough to eat.  So
I ate kind of heavy for lunch, including another small portion of the new dish. 
Then I put it into the online journal and saw that I had now eaten almost all
of my calories for today.  

Finally the rational side of
my brain speaks: “You know, that just can’t be right.”

So I re-figured everything
for that special dish and I was way off-base.  DUUUUHHH!!  Here I am
starving to death on account of poor math capabilities!!!!!!!!!

I guess I was wrong all
these years when I said that I would never need math.

Life is definitely looking